Buckfumble accepts donations for the benefit of inmates and their family members. If you want to send a donation just click on our donate button below and fill out the amount you wish to donate.

How it Works

The money always goes to a cause that will help someone and it is always incarceration related. We give the money to inmates who have unique circumstances or some type of dire need. We also let our blog users and web poll on this page vote on someone who will yield most benefit from your donations. The money is sent to the inmate for such uses as appeal and trial attorney fees, commissary, books, finance education, business startup, and whatever other possible ways we can help.

Help an Inmate's Family

We also take donations for the help of the incarcerated inmate's family. We understand that in many cases losing a family member to prison can detrimentally affect the remaining family financially and in many other ways. We cannot accept money to directly give to the family members, but we can give assistance to them through clothes, toys, furniture, books, or anything you can spare and we can deliver. If you want to donate any type of item to a family please contact us and give us your contact information as well as a description of the donation you are making. There will be a list on this page from real incarcerated inmates displaying things that their family is in desperate need of that they are unable to provide.

What to do

If you are an inmate and have an urgent, sincere need that can be aided through the donations of our generous users, please contact us. Or if your family has a need that can be fulfilled through user donations, whether it be for children, spouse, sibling, or whoever; Please contact us. Remember to include your full name, inmate number, and a description of necessity and full information of the person it is for and their relation to you: Be specific! Include some positive things you are doing within your institution and any other personal information you feel comfortable disclosing.
Thank You For Supporting Our Project!