Buckfumble.com catalogs arrests records in Harris County, TX pursuant to The Public Information Act of Texas. These records are kept for research and statistical purposes, to study crime information in and around the Greater Houston, Texas area and to provide the population with a reference to criminal activity in and around their communities.

We understand the desires of citizens to keep the exposure of some publicly available information limited. Friends, family and employers may view arrest records in a negative light, opening you up to more scrutiny and oversight. Because of this, we allow specific records to be deleted from our database (while retaining only non-identifying information for statistical research). The fees charged are to help cover expenses of this project.

Those listed in these records are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

This website is our way to make the government and legal justice system better. We hope you enjoy it.

How We Are Different

Unlike other prison pen pal and arrest record sites, we actually care about prisoners once being prisoners ourselves. We hire only former convicts and provide a benefit to make the prison system a better place. In summary, we actually care!

Information contained within this web site is collected from the courts, counties and/or clerks listed herein; however, Buckfumble.com operates independently and is not an agent of any court, county, clerk or other entity. As such, there are no warranties made as to the accuracy, timeliness or completeness of the information contained within this web site. For the most accurate and timely information you should contact the Court Clerk directly.


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