On October 02, 2012 Richard Garcia, a 54 year old white male from Houston, TX was arrested and booked into Harris County Jail.

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Richard Garcia

Status: Not in jail

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Houston, TX

THEFT $1500-20K

Offender Information

Full Name: Richard Garcia
Sex: Male
Race: White
Date of Birth: 10/12/1968
Zodiac: Libra
Case Number: 133884701010
Court: 339
County: Harris
SPN Number: 02329746
TDCJ Number:
Projected Release Date:
Parole Eligibility Date:
Maxmimum Sentence Date:
Agency: Harris County Sheriff Office
Cell Block:

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Disclaimer: The arrest report for GARCIA, RICHARD is directly derived from public information published by the Harris County Sheriff's Office. If you believe Harris County authorities are reporting something in error, please contact us. Be sure to include a phone number, and details about your case. We do not handle record expungements. Please contact the Harris County District Attorney's office for expungement questions.

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